If I get a rock chip after my windshield is replaced will it be covered?
Yes. If the break has not exceeded the size of a credit card, the break should be repairable. We will come to you for free to repair.

How long is the windshield rock chip repair warranty good for?
For the life of your newly installed windshield. Must present copy of receipt to qualify.

How long does a windshield replacement take?
Typically, our certified and professional technicians can replace a windshield in about one hour.

Can I drive my vehicle immediately after a windshield replacement?
We do recommend that you wait the urethanes (glue) required “safe drive away” time of one hour.

What are your appointment times like?
Unlike, other mobile service businesses, we know your time is valuable and schedule two hour time frames. Example; 8-10,10-12-,1-3,3-5

Do you provide a warranty for your work?
Yes. We provide a nationwide lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects leakage or workmanship.

Are your windshield rock chip repairs nationwide also?
Sorry. We can only provide our rock chip warranty in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan market including; Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Peoria, Surprise, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Glendale, Queen Creek, Avondale, Gilbert, Sun City, and Sun City West.

What type of windshields do you use?
We use only high quality auto glass parts that meet or exceed all federal safety standards including the following Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM); Pilkington (LOF), PPG (PGW) Pittsburgh Glass, Guardian (USA Made), Carlite, and Mopar. If you have a specific request we will try to accommodate for the same price.

How is a windshield manufactured?
A windshield is assembled by two sheets of laminated glass with a vinyl sheet placed in between. The vinyl sheet is the strength of the windshield. This vinyl sheet also adds the coloring and solar protection to the glass. So if your windshield has a blue or green shade band at the top then it is in this vinyl piece. More than likely if your windshield was hit by a rock, the top layer of the glass was the only piece damaged. It would take a lot of force to break through the vinyl layer in-between the glass.

Will my rear view mirror be reattached to the windshield in the same place?
Yes. In most cases, the rear view mirror bracket is already located on the new windshield. Therefore, the teknician simply removes the old mirror and reattaches it to the new bracket

The car glass shattered all over my vehicle, will it be cleaned?
Yes. Your professional Glas Tek will vacuum all visible glass pieces found in and around your vehicle and inside the frame.

How do I know if my windshield can be repaired?
In most cases, if your windshield damage is smaller than the size of a credit card then it can be repaired.

How is a windshield repair performed?
A windshield is assembled by two sheets of glass with a vinyl sheet placed in between. When you are hit by a rock, the top layer of the windshield is normally the only piece of glass =that is damaged. To repair a windshield, your Glas Teknician will clear out any air or debris from the crack and insert a resin between the two layers of glass. The crack fills and restores the structure of the windshield. The repaired windshield may clear up between 60-80%; however the impact point will always be somewhat visible.

How long will my windshield repair take?
Most windshield repairs can be completed within 30 minutes. If there are multiple rock chips then additional time will be needed.

Will the rock chip or crack on my windshield disappear after the repair is completed?
No, the repair will clear up about 60-80%; however the impact point will always be somewhat visible. Remember, a windshield repair is not a cosmetic fix. A windshield repair will restore the structural integrity and prevent further cracking.

Will the glass repair keep my windshield from breaking further?
Yes, the purpose of a windshield repair is to maintain the structural integrity and to prevent further cracking.

Is my windshield repair guaranteed?
Yes, if the repair to your windshield fails, the cost of the repair will be reimbursed to your insurance company. Or, the cost will be applied towards a new windshield replacement.

If I am unhappy with my repair, can it be repaired again?
No, once a windshield repair is completed the impact point in the glass is filled with a resin. The windshield resin hardens to restore the structural integrity and prevent further cracking and can no longer accept further windshield repair resin. Additionally, all repairs come out differently. Many factors determine the success of a glass repair including; size, type of break (star, bullseye, combo), and the amount of time the crack has been present on the windshield. Windshield repairs come out best when they have not been contaminated by dirt and debris.

Can I wash my vehicle after the auto glass repair is completed?
Yes, the windshield repair resin takes only a few minutes to fully cure and your vehicle can be driven or washed right away.


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